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Are you thinking of buying or selling a property?  Nvision is a full service Development Company that can assist with Orlando Florida real estate sales.  We don't just help buyers sell property or buy property.  We understand all the needs of a buyer or seller, and we want to be your trusted advisor to help you make the best investment decision you can make.  We help develop buying or selling strategies for real estate in Orlando or Central Florida.  If buying and selling Real Estate is not your full time job, then it can be overwhelming.  We can take the uncertainty out of the decision making process and help lead you down the track of successful negotiation of you transaction. Nvision can assist with the following:


  • Investment management and strategy.  If you are an investor in real estate or interested in investing we can assist.  Let us share with you secrets of what is working for us, and let us strategize with what we can do to help you make the right decisions for you.  We can help with buying or selling strategies for real estate in Orlando or Central Florida.  If needed, we can help walk you through the entire process, or manage an opportunity on your behalf.

  • Financing strategy, introduction to financing sources, and affordability based on cash flow.  Today purchasing real estate is all about funding.  We understand what banks are looking for, and can help you determine the best fit for you. We have relationships with many local or national lenders, and can assist with the introduction you need to achieve your goals.

  • Government programs that may assist in down payment assistance or tax credits.  We participate in a number of government programs, and are well versed at where to look for various funding opportunities.  (For an example, go to www.WeSellNSP.com to learn about a program we are participating in offering residential opportunities in Osceola County for income restricted buyers.)

  • Listing and marketing of commercial or residential property for sale.  We understand our markets and are connected in the realm of real estate investors, developers, and brokers that we can reach out to find a buyer for your commercial property.  We will do more than just list on LOOP NET - we will work tirelessly to find you a BUYER! Let us assist with Orlando Florida real estate sales.

  • Researching property for sale to meet your target market desires.   Your time is valuable.  If you are looking to purchase, we will walk you through our process to determine your needs. We can help with Central Florida property for sale.

  • Asset evaluation, maintenance, renovation and repair costs.  If you are considering buying, some of the best buys on the market are houses that are in need of work.  We can assist with reviewing the asset, and determining the scope of work required and the cost of such a scope before you buy.  After closing, we can even help by completing the work required!

  • 203k consulting (Nvision is an approved consultant!)  A 203K loan is an FHA loan that allows a purchaser buying a residential property for their own use to use bank funding to complete pre-approved improvements to the home after closing.  This is perfect for if you are considering purchasing an REO from the bank, or a short sale that needs work before you move into a home. 


Whatever your real estate needs, we can help.  Orlando, Florida real estate sales, Central Florida Property for sale, or buying or selling strategies for real estate in Orlando or Central Florida.  Click here to go to our Real Estate Services site, located at www.NvisionRealEstateFL.com

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