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Development Management


Nvision is a full service, Development Management Company located in Orlando, Florida.   Even if you are in the business, titles can be confusing.  Recently, we were asked "What is a Development Manager?  Is it the same as a Project Manager?  I keep hearing people talk about Program Managers.  Is a Development Manager the same as a Program Manager? How does that differ from a Construction Manager?  And what is an Owner's Representative?  Is an Owner's Representative the same as a Development Manager?  I am confused!!!!!"  Read on to learn the differences between Development Program Project and Construction Managers and Owners Rep.


Let's clear this up... A Construction Manager is responsible for construction of a project.  Typically, a Construction Manager does not oversee other aspects of a project other than the construction.   Typically the construction manager is contracted directly by an Owner to oversee the construction of the project at a fee for service.  In a Construction Management approach, typically the contracts with all the subcontractors are direct contracts with the Owner.   A Construction Manager differs from a General Contractor, because a General Contractor will contract with the Owner, then contract directly with sub-contractors. 


A Project Manager typically manages the overall process of a project.  A Project Manager is often provided a budget and a concept for a project, and then the Project Manager's responsibility is to implement the Project.  Project Manager's are typically hired after the initial concept and "goals" are established. The Project Manager then becomes the "quarterback" of the project.  In Real Estate Development, the Project Manager will typically oversee the design consultants, the General Contractor (or Construction Manager), and all other stakeholder's in the project.


A Program Manager is a Project Manager.  However, the difference is that a Program Manager typically overseas multiple (and usually connected) projects at the same time.  Often a Program Manager will have a number of direct report Project Managers that are managing individual projects.  Typically only complex projects with various individual projects that will overlap in time, land, or shared expenses require a  Program Manager.


An Owner's Representative, in Development, is a person or entity that has been authorized to carry out the objectives and business on behalf of an Owner.   Typically this might be a Project Manager, an employee of the Owner, or another person assigned to carry out the decision making on behalf of an Owner.  The role of the Owner's Rep will vary depending on the availability and desire of the Owner to be involved in the decision making process.


So, now what is a Development Manager, and how does it differ from these other roles?  A Development Manager is typically an Owner's Rep, a Program Manager, a Project Manager, and sometimes even a Construction Manager all wrapped into one.  In addition, a Development Manager is often involved in a project prior to the establishment of a plan for a development.    A Development Manager will typically get involved in a project in the conception or planning stage.  A Development Manager is typically charged with assisting in making a project feasible in the first place, from financial feasibility to execution.  Strategic Planning Proforma Development and Feasibility as responsibilities of a Development Manager.  Development Program Project and Construction Managers and Owners Representative - Nvision does it all! 


Nvision offers full services as a Development Management Company located in Orlando Florida.  However, as every project and ownership structure is unique, Nvision has the ability and capability to manage the entire process or to supplement an Owner as needed.  Specific roles we can play in any project include the following:


  • Overall Development Management Services
  • Owner's Representative
  • Program Management
  • Construction Management
  • Special Asset Management of Completed Operations
  • Management of Projects in remote locations.

Specific Tasks


Every project is different, and the assistance required varies based on the project.  Full development services include all aspects outlined here.  Through any phase of a project, the following list outlines specific tasks that we perform through the development process:


  • "Nvisioning" - bringing together all Stakeholders to develop the master plan and vision of the development.
  • Strategic Planning Proforma Development and Feasibility
  • Project Business plan development
  • Management of the design, program, and development phase
  • Obtaining Government Approvals
  • Sales and Marketing planning and over-site
  • Overseeing the construction process
  • Completed operations management strategy

Project Types


Our team has specific experience with the following project types:


  • Master-planned destination resort communities
  • Village and commercial centers
  • Condominiums, Hotels, and condominium hotels
  • Mixed-Use developments of all uses
  • Conference Centers
  • Residential work-force housing
  • Infill housing
  • Timeshare development
  • Green Buildings


Whatever your approach, or whatever your project, we can assist.  Please contact us today to discuss what we can do to assist. 

Development Program Project and Construction Managers and Owners Representative - we are a Development Management Company located in Orlando Florida.  Contact us for assistance with Strategic Planning Proforma Development and Feasibility