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Modular Construction  

Nvision Construction is a leader in the modular home industry, specifically when it comes to multifamily modular development.  Modular construction goes by many names - modular construction, manufactured construction, system built construction, factory built construction.  All of these mean the same.  Homes components are build in a controlled environment (a factory) and shipped to site.  A crane is used to place or "stack" the modules, and the work is completed on site. 


Having experience in the resort development industry and building hotels in ski resorts, we faced an ongoing challenge of mountain development - a short construction window.  Typically at high altitudes, construction cannot start on projects until the ground thaws, which typically doesn't happen until May.  Once ground is broken, a general contractor only has 6 months before snow returns.  This makes building in these conditions very difficult, as it is a challenge to bring a large building (hotel) to dry-in condition within this time frame.  Winters are spent completing interiors of buildings, with the assistance of expensive (and potentially unsafe) heaters running 24 hours a day.   Once winter is over, projects are finished in the spring months, only to be move in ready by late summer.  But when the ski season doesn't start until around Christmas, often these new buildings sit virtually empty through the entire fall, costing money to operate and placing a burden on the financial backing of the project. 


A solution?  Modular construction.  The concept of utilizing this technique was proposed for a project atop of Snowshoe, West Virginia.  Modular construction was used for a 4 story building, consisting of approximately 80 units.  Construction started in May with completion in October.  Results?  Haping investors, happy guests, and a financial success. 


Since this time Nvision has taken a strong interest in the modular construciton industry.  We have challenged the industry to take projects to the next level, with custom design and multiple units.  As such, Nvision is an award winning leader in multi-family modular construction.   We completed the first Green Certified multi-family building in the State of Florida, and continue to push the envelope with respect to creative design and utilization of modular construction for various applications that create opportunity not other wise expected.


Nvision believes in the modular construction industry.  While conventional construction will always continue, modular construction will continue to grow and expand and increase market share. 


Generally, the advantages of modular construction include the following:


  • Speed.  While services and foundations are being installed on site, the main portion of the buildings are being assembled in the factory.  Typically, a single crane can install 6 to 12 modules per day (depending on site conditions, placement of the crane, etc.) and thus buildings are completed in no time.  We have seen projects take as little as 30 days to build, to as long as 4 months for an 80 unit building that would take 15 months with conventional construction!


  • Cost control.  In our experience, the CONSTRUCTION COST of modular construction is comparable to other method.  There may be other savings in design, overhead, management, and interest, but typically construction costs are comparable to conventional construction tecqniques.  The advantage comes from the control of costs.  As everything is built in the factory, most modular companies are able to provide fixed cost pricing.  Thus, cost overruns are limited.


  • Quality.  Built inside, on framing tables, using sofisticated equipment and a stable workforce, the quality of construction is better than typical new construction.


  • Security.  Modules are delived to the site in "lock up" condition.  As soon as they are placed on site, typically buildings are secure, reducing theft and vandalism.  In Florida where hurricanes can be a concern, these buildings are delivered ready to ride out what mother nature has to offer.


  • Strength.  Shipping modules on the highway simulates the shaking of an earthquake OR the wind load of a hurricane.  Can conventionally constructed homes


We strongly recommend consideration of modular construction for specific project types, particularily when the above mentioned benifits are suited for a particular project.  We can assist with all aspects of a modular project, from design, development, planning, architecture, to construction and selection of a modular company.  With modular construction, the modular company is typically the supplier only of the actual module.  A General Contractor is still required to complete the foundations and finish the work on site.  Nvision Construction LLC is experience with the construction of both single and multifamily projects, and can assist you, regardless how big or how small a project!


Put our knowledge and experience to work for you!  Contact us to discuss how we can assist!

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The Sage at Winter Park - a planned 72 unit townhouse condominium project featuring three stories, including 2 stories of modular construction over masonry or tilt up concrete walls.  for more





West Palm Beach, Florida - Nvision Construction, LLC was the General Contractor for 11 single family homes built in Coleman Park neighborhood.  This was a high profile project and commanded lots of media attention, as demonstrated below.

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