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There are many different types of Certified General Contractors out there, and we are lucky to work with some of the best!  However, we are a fully qualified Certified General Contractor, and from time to time it makes the most sense to oversee the construction of certain projects internally.    Often we find that the time that it takes to explain the scope of work to a contractor, home-builders and renovation companies, for the additional cost it is more efficient and cost effective to built it ourselves!


Nvision's biggest advantage is time.  Having large scale project experience, we understand the importance of schedule and organization.  Many Home-Builders and Renovation Companies never get to experience the large scale projects that our team has had the privilege to manage.  A typical renovation project will take a matter of months, with a small crew.  Just imagine how fast the project could be completed with the workforce of a project that is uses a project management system of large Certified General Contractors.  Many home-builders and renovation companies will deliver homes that take as long to build as large scale projects by a Certified General Contractor.  We are able to deliver projects faster than any competition we have come up against to date!  Speed of projects is about organization, communication, and being prepared.  With proper planning, projects can be completed faster without sacrificing cost or quality.


Nvision Construction has a great deal of experience in government projects.  We have built SHIP, NSP and CDBG residential housing projects in various communities.  We understand single family, multi-family and modular construction and development and will continue to look for opportunities to build in various jurisdictions for local governments.


We find that there are three different opportunities that make the most sense:

modular construction, special projects, prefabricated houses, multi-family residential, Nvision

Special projects, that require specific expertise that we have that are limited with other Certified General Contractors.  For example, Nvision has specific experience in multi-family and modular construction, and have and will continue to build modular projects, either single or multi-family, in house.  Put our experience in multi-family and modular construction to work for you!





Single family or multi-family small scale residential projects.  The margin on this type of project is small, but in today's competitive environment, that margin can make the difference between a project being feasible or not. 






Property improvements.  We have access to every type of subcontractor required for ANY project.  We are able to turn projects around FAST!    Are you looking to purchase an REO?  Was the property "trashed" by a previous owner?  We can have this house move in ready within 7 days! 

Do you have a project that may requirement assistance?  Are you interested in learning more about what we can do to help?  Please contact us at your earliest convenience to make an appointment to discuss your needs!